Remote Service

If you’re located outside the Edmonton area, can still benefit from our Remote Service.

It’s very simple. It works like this:

1. You scan and email me all your receipts and other documents. Alternatively, we can set up a Drop Box profile for easy uploading.

2. I post the entries, and then provide you the reports you need.

3. I email you an invoice for my time, and you pay me via PayPal.

You can see that this is very simple.

Benefits to you

The primary benefits of my remote service are:

  • Easy. If you can scan a document or take a picture of it, and send an email, then you can do this.
  • Convenience. Send documents as you go, or whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Peace of mind. Stop stressing about the record keeping. I handle it, so you don’t have to.
  • Cost Effective Flexibility. No need to hire staff. As a freelancer, I work only when you need me.

Other benefits to consider:

  • No knowledge needed. You don’t need to understand accounting processes or terminology.
  • No accounting software required. I use my own accounting software, so you don’t need to purchase it, or worry about software updates.
  • Reporting. Need a profit & loss report? Want to know your accounts receivable? I can report to you fast.
  • Space saver. You don’t need a desk or any space for my service.
  • Digital backup. All my services are backed up daily, with redundancy, so your records won’t get lost.
  • No year-end hassle. I do all the year-end preparation, and send the required materials to your accountant for tax preparation & filing. I even liaise with your CPA, so you don’t have to speak Accountantese.
  • Digital backup. All our services are backed up daily, with redundancy, so your records won’t get lost.
  • Affordability. Some bookkeepers charge up to $75 per hour. I charge only $45 per hour. If you prefer, we can work out a flat monthly fee.


Any questions?

Call now – 780-695-4644. Or press the button to send me an email.

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