Accounting problems?

A freelance bookkeeper can help you.

Are your receipts in a shoe box?

Is the CRA calling for returns to be filed, but you aren’t ready to file?

Do you have trouble knowing if invoices are paid, or how much a customer owes you?

I can help solve these problems for your business.

I offer a mobile bookkeeping service to Edmonton area businesses. I work either on-site or offsite, as best suits your needs.

If you’re located further away, you can still benefit from our service remotely. Learn more about our remote service here.

If you need a bookkeeper to work on your computer with your software, I can do that. If you need a bookkeeper to work off their own laptop with their own software, I can do that too.

Maybe you just need someone to train your staff to work with the accounting software? I can train too.

Perhaps you need someone to troubleshoot issues, and clean up those little transactions that you just couldn’t figure out how to enter? I can do that too.

Stop Stressing!

You do what you do best, and stop stressing about the books. You go make money, I will record keep it for you. I will take care of all the daily, weekly, and monthly matters.

With over ten years of experience, I’ve helped dozens of clients with their bookkeeping.

The process is simple, inexpensive, and I’m easy to work with.

Free Consultation

To prove my value to you, I’m happy to provide a free initial consultation. We can get to know each other, review your situation, and discuss solutions. You can take as much time as you need to make a final decision.

For a free consultation call now – 780-695-4644. Or press the button to send me an email.

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